ADUI 8V.2 RS3 Facelift


Proudly presenting you Leyo Motorsport Cold Air Intake for the facelifted Audi RS3 with the all new 400HP aluminum block.  This intake builds on the airbox design of our pre-facelift RS3 intake while integrating factory dampening design on the intake pipe.  The intake pipe with the wide 89mm filter flange tapering to 76mm creating a velocity stack design efficiently feeds cold air into the turbo.


Specially designed air box prevents heat soak, effectively extracting colder induction air. For those that wants the open airbox design, Leyo RS3 intake airbox can be both enclosed or open.  No fabrication required for installation, bolts straight onto factory mounting points.

*This product is only for use on the race track.

*This intake does not fit the 2017+ aluminum block 8V RS3.


We chose to focus our attention on the  VAG brand products due to their exceptional  reputation for well-engineered equipment and easy modification for consumers.

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