PD Paddle

Mini Steptronic Billet Paddle Shift Extension (Black) 

$229.99 USD

Introducing the very first 3D CNC paddle extension from Leyo Motorsport.  Engineers at Leyo Motorsport was given a very difficult task when approached by a bunch of Mini enthusiast to make an extension for their beloved Mini.  Due to the proximity of the indicator and wiper stalk, conventional paddle extension can’t be used as it will hit those stalks when turning the steering wheel.  Therefore, this paddle shift extension for the Mini needs to be curved to be functional.


CNC’d from a single piece of billet aluminum, a single pair of the Mini extension takes 5 times more hours to CNC than our other paddle extension and 3 times more raw material.  As with our other extensions, our patented securing mechanism doesn’t damage the factory paddle shifters leaving it intact if you wish to remove it. 

The end result is something all Mini enthusiast will crave for.


  • 1st 3D curved extension by PD

  • Direct OEM bolt-on. Clips right over existing paddle shifters.

  • Does not damage factory paddle shifters

Compatible Vehicles

Please print out the below 1:1 scale template (onto an A4 sheet then cut it out) to which this paddle extensions will fit and measure it against your factory paddle shifter.  If your factory paddle is not this size, it means this version is not right for your vehicle, proceed to to other versions available

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