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Audi A4 B9 2.0T Cold Air Intake System (Non Flow Sensor) 

$379.99 USD

Leyo Motorsport’s CAI for the A4 B9 is a must have for those seeking to upgrade their car.  By removing some factory air flow restrictions together with a massive 4 inch conical filter, this intake guarantees more horse power at an affordable cost. 

High grade aluminum heat shield effectively blocks out excess heat from the engine bay while is also significantly lighter than the steel heat shields found on the market. A secondary heat shield is incorporated into the design to block excessive heat from the exhaust manifold. 

Installation is easy and straight forward, no fabrication required. 

*Please note that if your car has air flow sensor on the inlet pipe, this intake does not fit.


  • 4” high flow conical filter

  • Aluminum heat shield

  • Increased induction sound

  • Easy installation

Dyno Graph

A4B9 Intake Dyno-01.jpg
We chose to focus our attention on the  VAG brand products due to their exceptional  reputation for well-engineered equipment and easy modification for consumers.

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