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AUDI / 8V.1 RS3 4" Cold Air Intake System 

$449.99 USD


Introducing the refreshed Leyo intake system for 8V RS3 (pre-facelift) now with a massive 4” intake pipe!  For those of you shopping for a new intake, on the 8V RS3, bigger IS better.  Those that says the opposite have factory intake on their cars and you listening to them? 

The 8V RS3 with its gorgeous 2.5l engine is one of the most tuned cars on the market.  Unleash its full potential, feed more air into it as it has been begging you to.  Our new 4” piping is a tuner’s dream come true. 

Dyno Graph

8V.1 RS3 4_ Intake Dyno-01.jpg
We chose to focus our attention on the  VAG brand products due to their exceptional  reputation for well-engineered equipment and easy modification for consumers.

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