LEYO Motorsport

MQB Platform 2WD/4WD Chassis Bar

$229.99 USD

Have you been looking everywhere for a chassis brace that fits your MK7R/Alltrack? Does your GTI friend’s chassis brace won’t fit your car because you have the transmission shaft going toward the rear?  Look no further, Leyo Motorsport have updated our sexy GTI chassis bar to fit the 4WD MQB cars! 

Next time your in-laws are in your car, you can corner a little bit harder… 

Note: This chassis bar has clearance tested with factory and Leyo downpipe, any other manufacturers downpipe we do not guarantee if there’s enough clearance therefore aren’t liable if it doesn’t fit properly in conjunction with other’s downpipe.

We chose to focus our attention on the  VAG brand products due to their exceptional  reputation for well-engineered equipment and easy modification for consumers.

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